Lecturer(s)Sebastian Knorr
SubjectSuper-Resolution Stereoscopic- and Multi-View Synthesis for Advanced 3DTV-Systems
Conference/EventS3D-Basics+ Conference
AddressBerlin, Germany
AbstractExtending visual communication to the third dimension by providing the user with a realistic depth perception of the observed scenery instead of flat 2D images has been investigated over decades. Recent progress in related research areas may enable various 3D applications and systems in the near future. Especially, 3D display technology is maturating. 3D displays are entering professional and consumer markets. Often the content is created directly in some suitable 3D format. On the other hand the conversion of existing 2D content is highly interesting for instance for content owners. Movies may be reissued in 3D in the future.

We developed a new approach for generation of multi-view video from monocular video. Such multi-view video is used for instance with multi-user 3D displays or auto-stereoscopic displays with head-tracking to create a depth impression of the observed scenery. The intention of this work is not a real-time conversion of existing video material with a deduction in stereo perception, but rather a more realistic off-line conversion with high accuracy. Our approach is based on structure from motion techniques and uses image-based rendering to generate the desired multiple views for each point in time.