conference paper

Conference/ProceedingsInternational Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition from Multimedia Content (KAMC '07)
Start date05.12.2007
End date05.12.2007
Author(s)J. Nemrava, P. Buitelaar, N. Simou, D. Sadlier, V. Svatek, T. Declerck, A. Cobet, T. Sikora, N. O'Connor, V. Tzouvaras, H. Zeiner, J. Petrak
TitleAn Architecture for Mining Resources Complementary to Audio-Visual Streams
AbstractIn this paper we attempt to characterize resources of information complementary to audio-visual (A/V) streams and propose their usage for enriching A/V data with semantic concepts in order to bridge the gap between low-level video detectors and high-level analysis. Our aim is to extract cross-media feature descriptors from semantically enriched and aligned resources so as to detect finer-grained events in video.We introduce an architecture for complementary resource analysis and discuss domain dependency aspects of this approach related to our domain of soccer broadcasts.
Key wordslow-level, high-level, cross-media feature descriptors, text detection, video OCR