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Conference/ProceedingsInternational Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications
Start date08.03.2007
End date11.03.2007
AddressBarcelona, Spain
EditorA. Ranchordas, H. Araujo, J. Vitria
PublisherInsticc Press
Author(s)A. Koutsia, N. Grammalidis, K. Dimitropoulos, M. Karaman, L. Goldmann
TitleFootball Player Tracking from Multiple Cameras
AbstractIn this work, our aim is to develop an automated system which provides data useful for football game analysis. Information from multiple cameras is used to perform player detection, classification and tracking. A background segmentation approach, which operates with the invariant Gaussian colour model and uses temporal information, is used to achieve more accurate results. Information derived and matched from all cameras is then used to perform tracking, using an advanced Multiple Hypothesis Tracking algorithm.
Key wordsmultiple cameras, multi-target tracking, football game analysis, background segmentation
NoteISBN: 978-972-8865-74-0