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Conference/Proceedings2nd K-Space PhD Jamboree Workshop 2008, Proceedings, Paris, France
Start date25.07.2008
AddressParis, France
OrganisationTELECOM ParisTech, K-Space
EditorFrancesca De Simone, Jan Nemrava
PublisherInformation Society Technologies
VolumeJuli 2008
Author(s)Jean-Louis Durrieu, Jan Weil
TitleAutomatic Beat-synchronous Generation of Music Lead Sheets
AbstractMost of the popular music scores are written in a specific format, the lead sheet format. It sums up a song by representing the notes of the main melody, along with the chord sequence together with other cues such as style, tempo and time signature. This sort of representation is very common in jazz and pop music, where the accompaniment playing the chord sequence usually is improvised. The aim of our study is to bring together two techniques, a chord detection system and a lead melody transcriber, in order to produce a lead sheet. In addition to the respective issues inherent to each problem, we also need to address tempo estimation, time signature estimation, and, based on these estimations, time quantification of both the chord sequence and the melody line. We propose a tempo tracker that aligns the beats to the audio, and adapt the chord detection and melody extraction systems so as to take into account this new piece of information. Future works include cover song detection based on lead sheet representation, query-by-similarity applications and so on.
Key wordsMusic Information Retrieval, Main Melody Extraction, Audio Chord Detection, Automatic Lead Sheet Generation
NoteJean-Louis Durrieu: TELECOM ParisTech