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Conference/Proceedings15th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Proceedings ICIP 2008, October, San Diego, California, USA
Start date12.10.2008
End date15.09.2008
AddressSan Diego, USA
OrganisationIEEE Signal Processing Society
EditorRama Chellappa, Bernd Girod, Gang Qian
VolumeOctober 2008
Pages3088 - 3091
Author(s)Engin Kurutepe, Thomas Sikora
TitleMulti-View Video Streaming over P2P Networks With Low Start-Up Delay
AbstractWe propose to stream multi-view video over a multi-tree peerto-peer (P2P) network using the NUEPMuT protocol. Each
view of the multi-view video is streamed over an independent
P2P streaming tree and each peer only contributes upload capacity in a single tree, in order to limit the adverse effects of ungraceful peer departures. Additionally, we introduce a quick join procedure to reduce the start-up delay for the first data packet after a join request. Continuity index and decoded video quality performance for simulcast and MVC encoding in a large topology under different settings are reported, in addition to the improvements achieved by the quick join procedure.
Key wordsPeer-to-Peer, P2P, Video Streaming, NUEPMuT protocol, Network Simulation, Multi-View, 3DTV, Delay, Multi-View Video,
NoteISBN 978-1-4244-1764-3 ; ISSN 1522-4880