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JournalOrganised Sound
PublisherCambridge University Press
DateAugust 2009
Author(s)Nicolas Rasamimanana, Florian Kaiser and Frederic Bevilacqua
TitlePerspectives on gesture-sound relationships informed from acoustic instrument studies
AbstractWe present an experimental study on articulation in bowed strings that provides important elements for a discussion about sound synthesis control. The study focuses on bow acceleration profiles and transient noises, measured for different players for the bowing techniques detach. We found that maximum of these profiles are not synchronous, and temporal shifts are dependent on the bowing techniques. These results allow us to bring out important mechanisms in sound and gesture articulation. In particular, the results reveal a potential shortcoming of mapping strategies using simple frame-by-frame data-stream procedures. We propose instead to consider input control data as time functions, and consider gesture co-articulation processes.
Key wordsGesture Analysis, Sound Synthesis Control