conference paper

Conference/Proceedings11th ACM SIGMM Int. Conf. on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR 2010)
Start date29.03.2010
End date31.03.2010
AddressPhiladelphia PA, USA
Author(s)Naeem Ramzan, Martha Larson, Frédéric Dufaux, Kai Clüver
TitleThe Participation Payoff: Challenges and Opportunities for Multimedia Access in Networked Communities
AbstractIncreasingly, multimedia collections are associated with networked communities consisting of interconnected groups of users who create, annotate, browse, search, share, view, critique and remix collection content. Information arises within networked communities via connections among users and in the course of interactions between users and content. Community-derived information can be exploited to improve user access to multimedia. This paper provides a survey of techniques that make use of a combination of three information sources: community-contributed information (e.g., tags and ratings), network structure and techniques for multimedia content analysis. This triple synergy offers a wide range of opportunities for improving access to multimedia in networked communities. We focus our survey on three areas important for multimedia access: annotation, distribution and retrieval. The picture that emerges is promising: information derived from the social community is remarkably effective in improving access to multimedia content, and participation in networked communities has a high payoff.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, Social Media, Tagging, Content Distribution, Multimedia Retrieval