conference paper

Conference/ProceedingsMultimedia Benchmark Workshop 2011
Start date01.09.2011
End date02.09.2011
Author(s)Adam Rae, Vanesa Murdock, Pavel Serdyukov, Pascal Kelm
TitleWorking Notes for the Placing Task at MediaEval 2011
AbstractThis paper provides a description of the MediaEval 2011
Placing Task. The task requires participants to automati-
cally assign latitude and longitude coordinates to each of the
provided test videos. This kind of geographical location tag,
or geotag, helps users localise videos, allowing their media
to be anchored to real world locations. Currently, however,
most videos online are not labelled with this kind of data.
This task encourages participants to
nd innovative ways
of doing this labelling automatically. The data comes from
Flickr|an example of a photo sharing website that allows
users to both encode their photos and videos with geotags,
as well as use them when searching and browsing.
This paper describes the task, the data sets provided and
how the individual participants results are evaluated.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, multimedia application, Geotags, Location, Video Annotation, Benchmar