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Conference/ProceedingsProceedings of the EuroITV 2012 Conference, Workshop on Quality of Experience for Multimedia Content Sharing (QoEMCS)
Start date04.07.2012
End date06.07.2012
Author(s)Marina Georgia Arvanitidou and Thomas Sikora
TitleMotion saliency for spatial pooling of objective video quality metrics
AbstractIn this paper we propose a novel motion saliency estimation method for video sequences considering the motion between successive frames and their corresponding parametric camera motion representation. Background motion is compensated for every pair of frames, revealing areas that contain relative motion. Considering that these areas will likely attract the attention of the viewer and in line with properties of the human visual system, regarding spatially invariant focus distribution, we augment their effect on the quality estimation. The generated saliency maps are thus incorporated in the spatial pooling stage of several video quality metrics, and experimental evaluation on the LIVE video database shows that this strategy enhances their performance.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, video quality assessment, spatial pooling, motion saliency, global motion estimation