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Conference/ProceedingsInternational Workshop on Traffic and Street Surveillance for Safety and Security at IEEE AVSS 2017
Start date29.08.2017
AddressLecce, Italy
Author(s)Erik Bochinski, Volker Eiselein and Thomas Sikora
Title[Challenge winner IWOT4S] High-Speed Tracking-by-Detection Without Using Image Information
AbstractTracking-by-detection is a common approach to multi-
object tracking. With ever increasing performances of ob-
ject detectors, the basis for a tracker becomes much more
reliable. In combination with commonly higher frame rates,
this poses a shift in the challenges for a successful tracker. That shift enables the deployment of much simpler tracking algorithms which can compete with more sophisticated approaches at a fraction of the computational cost. We present such an algorithm and show with thorough experiments its potential using a wide range of object detectors. The proposed method can easily run at 100K fps while outperforming the state-of-the-art on the DETRAC vehicle tracking dataset.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, Multi-Object Tracking, Tracking-by-Detection, Challenge, DETRAC, UA-DETRAC