conference paper

Conference/ProceedingsIWAENC 2003
Start date08.09.2003
End date11.09.2003
AddressKyoto, Japan
Author(s)Marco Liem, Hyoung-Gook Kim, Otto Manck
TitleAlgorithm of a Single Chip Acoustic Echo Canceller Using Cascaded Cross Spectral Estimation
AbstractThis paper details the algorithm used by a low cost, single chip acoustic echo canceller. The algorithm is based on classical cross spectral estimation. It is employed in a cascaded filter structure where a short, fast filter operates on the output of a longer but slower filter to optimize the tracking performance of changes in the echo path without affecting the steady state performance. This combination allows the use of a fixed configuration for a wide range of acoustic environments. This contrasts to the predominately employed LMS type of algorithms which are much more sensitive to noise and often require an extensive parameterization specific to the operating environment.