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Conference/ProceedingsProceedings Signal Processing for Multimedia
Start date2001
OrganisationNATO Advanced Study Institute
Author(s)Peter Noll
TitleDigital Audio for Multimedia
AbstractThe paper covers any key technologies in wideband audio coding including auditory masking, preceptual coding, frecuency domain coding, and dynamic bit allocation. The MPEG standization work is then described. MPEG algorithmus have found a wide range of communications-based and storage-based applications. For example, the european digital audio broadcast (DAB) makes use of MPEG-1. It will then be shown that the MPEG-2 advanced Audio Coding (AAC) standard offers a powerful collection of very flexible tools for stereo and multichannel coding, and that AAC outperforms many other coding algorithms(including MPEG-1 coders). Finally, we will address the current MPEG-4 speech and audio coding standarization work which merges the whole range of audio from high fidelity audio coding and speech coding down to synthetic audio, synthetic speech and text to speech conversion