journal paper

JournalIEEE Communications Magazine
Pages34 - 44
DateNovember 1993
Author(s)Peter Noll
TitleWideband Speech and Audio Coding
AbstractTypical parameters of wideband speech and audio signals, including digitized versions of each, potential applications, and available transmission media, are described. Facts about human auditory perception that are exploited in audio coding and quality measures that play an important role in coder evaluations and designs are reviewed. Techniques for efficient coding of wideband speech and audio signals, with an emphasis on existing standards, are discussed. The audio coding standard developed by the Moving Pictures Expert Group within the International Organization for standardization (ISO/MPEG) is covered in some detail, since it will be used in many application areas, including digital storage, transmission, and broadcasting of audio-only signals and audiovisual applications such as videotelephony, videoconferencing, and TV broadcasting. Ongoing research and standardization work is outlined