Conference/ProceedingsSIU 2006
Start date17.04.2006
End date19.04.2006
Author(s)Evren Imre, Sebastian Knorr, A. Aydın Alatan, Thomas Sikora
TitleDinamik sahneler için önceliklendirilmiş sıralı 3B geri çatım
AbstractIn this study, an algorithm is proposed to solve the multiframe structure from motion (MFSfM) problem for monocular video sequences in dynamic scenes. The algorithm uses the epipolar criterion to segment the features belonging to the independently moving objects. Once the features are segmented, the corresponding objects are reconstructed individually by using a sequential algorithm, which is also capable prioritizing the frame pairs with respect to their reliability and information content, thus achieving a fast and accurate reconstruction through efficient processing of the available data. A tracker is utilized to increase the baseline distance between views and to improve the F-matrix estimation, which is beneficial to both the segmentation and the 3D structure estimation processes. The experimental results demonstrate that our approach has the potential to effectively deal with the multi-body MFSfM problem in a generic video sequence.
NoteEvren İmre, A. Aydın Alatan: Middle East Technical University, Turkey