Author(s)Juan José Burred, Martin Haller, Shan Jin, Amjad Samour, Thomas Sikora
EditorYiannis Kompatsiaris, Paola Hobson
TitleAudio Content Analysis
Book titleSemantic Multimedia and Ontologies: Theory and Applications
PublisherSpringer Verl.
AddressLondon, UK
ChapterPart II: Chapter 5
DateJanuary 2008
AbstractTaking a step-by-step approach, and drawing on the expertise of key researchers in the multimedia and knowledge domains, this book guides the reader through the fundamental enabling technologies of ontologies (for example MPEG-7 and OWL), analysis, context and reasoning, to commercially interesting applications including personalised content summarisation, 3D modelling and management of scientific data.

All relevant topics are covered; including ontologies for low level multimedia feature representation, higher level multimedia systems representations, application of multimedia ontologies for visual analysis, and usage of multimedia and knowledge technologies for applications. The authors aggregate relevant disciplines including knowledge representation, multidimensional signal processing, logic, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a coherent picture of the different strands of research that need to be combined in order to achieve semantic multimedia applications.

"Semantic Multimedia and Technologies" will serve as an excellent reference and guide to exploring how knowledge technologies can be exploited in the creation of new multimedia applications, and how these technologies can provide new contexts for the successful use of knowledge technologies.
Key wordsContent Adaptation, Content for Multimedia Applications, Multimedia Ontologies, Personalisation, Reasoning for Multimedia Applications, Visual Content Analysis
NoteISBN 978-1-84800-075-9