Conference/ProceedingsProc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
Start date18.03.2005
End date23.03.2005
Pages189 - 192
Author(s)Sila Ekmekci, Pascal Frossard, Thomas Sikora
TitleDistortion Estimation for Temporal Layered Video Coding
AbstractWe present a recursive block based decoder distortion estimation model for temporal layered video transmission, based on a DPCM structure. Each block in a video frame is modeled as a sample from an AR(1) source. The correlation coef£cient of this source depends on the loop £ltering effects, whereas the additional noise term on the motion compensated block difference and the quantization distortion of the block. Distortion estimations are compared to simulation results, and the model is shown to accurately capture the video distortion in various lossy streaming scenarios. The low implementation complexity, and high estimation accuracy of the proposed technique makes it particularly attractive for adaptive video communication applications, that try to optimize the streaming policy.