Conference/ProceedingsInternational Workshop on Local and Non-Local Approximation in Image Processing, LNLA 2008, Lausanne, Switzerland
Start date23.08.2008
End date24.08.2008
AddressLausanne, Switzerland
OrganisationIEEE, EURASIP, Tampere International Center for Signal Processing (TICSP), EUSIPCO2008
VolumeAugust 2008
Author(s)Andreas Krutz, Alexander Glantz, Michael Frater, Thomas Sikora
TitleLocal Background Sprite Generation
AbstractBackground modeling of video sequences can be used in
many different applications. For video object segmentation
it is often applied in a background subtraction method.
When conventional sprites like single or multiple sprites
are used a background sequence has to be reconstructed
from the model. The double mapping into the coordinate
system of the sprite and back can lead to severe distortion
of the background model and therefore to erroneous segmentation masks. We present a novel background modeling
approach that lessens distortion. These so-called local
background sprites are built for every reference frame independently and fit its original size. Experimental results show that this new approach clearly outperforms conventional background sprites in terms of PSNR.
Key wordsBackground Sprite Generation, Image Registration, video object segmentation, sprites, psnr