Conference/Proceedings50th International Symposium ELMAR-2008, September, Proceedings, Zadar, Croatia, Vol. 2 of 2
Start date10.09.2008
End date12.09.2008
AddressDepartment of Wireless Communications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computering, University of Zagreb, Croatia
OrganisationELMAR, Zadar
EditorMislav Grgic, Sonja Grgic
PublisherELMAR, Croatian Society Electronics in Marine, Zadar
VolumeVol. 2, September 2008
Pages439 - 442
Author(s)Daniel Rodriguez, Lutz Goldmann, Surachai Ongkittikul, Mustafa Karaman, Thomas Sikora
TitleA System for Personalized Human Computer Interaction
AbstractThis paper describes an advanced user-interface that detects and identifies people from video data, tracks their body and body part movements, and recognizes a set of gesture-based user commands. In this way an exemplar implementation for interacting with an intelligent cash machine is presented. The system combines person identification and gesture recognition for increased performance with accurate skin detection and high gesture recognition rates for a database of 10 users of varying skin tone and clothing color.
Key wordshuman computer interaction, face recognition, intelligent cash machine, people recognition, gesture recognition, user-interface, identifying, cash machine