Conference/ProceedingsThird International Conference on Digital Information Management, ICDIM November 13-16, 2008, London, UK
Start date13.11.2008
End date16.11.2008
AddressLondon, UK
EditorIEE, Richard Chbeir
VolumeNovember 2008
Author(s)Ronald Glasberg, Sebastian Schmiedeke, Hüseyin Oguz, Pascal Kelm and Thomas Sikora
TitleReal-Time Detection of Sport in MPEG-2 Sequences using High-Level AV-Descriptors and SVM
AbstractWe present a new approach for classifying mpeg-2 video sequences as ‘sport’ or ‘non-sport’ by analyzing new high-level audiovisual features of consecutive frames in real-time. This is part of the well-known video-genre-classification problem, where popular TV-broadcast genres like cartoon, commercial, music video, news and sports are studied. Such applications have also been discussed in the context of MPEG-7 [1]. In our method the extracted features are logically combined by a support vector machine [2] to produce a reliable detection. The results demonstrate a high identification rate of 98.5% based on a large balanced database of 100 representative video sequences gathered from free digital TV-broadcasting and world wide web.
Key wordsGenre-Detection, SVM, Sport Detection, Logo, Sportfield, Scoreboard
Noteoral presentation ; eingereicht ; ISBN 978-1-4244-2917-2 ; TACD//-ICDIM-08