Conference/Proceedings17th in a series of conferences organised by the European Association for Signal, Speech, and Image Processing (EUSIPCO 2009)
Start date24.08.2009
End date28.08.2009
AddressGlasgow, Scotland
OrganisationThe European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP)
Author(s)Shan Jin, Thomas Sikora
TitleCombining Confusion Networks with probabilistic phone matching for open-vocabulary keyword spotting in spontaneous speech signal
AbstractIn this paper, we study several methods for keyword spotting
in spontaneous speech signal. Novel method combining
probabilistic phone matching (PSM) approach with word
confusion networks (WCN) is proposed for open-vocabulary
keyword spotting task. This method runs keyword spotting
on multi-level transcriptions (WCN and phone-onebest). We
propose to use classical string matching for word spotting
on WCN. At the same time probabilistic string matching is
used for acoustic word spotting on phone-onebest transcription.
It is verified that the novel hybrid method outperforms
WCN-based and PSM-based approaches in-vocabulary and
out-of-vocabulary (OOV) keywords.
Key wordsphone matching, keyword spotting, confusion networks