Conference/ProceedingsInternational Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Active Services (WIAMIS)
Start date12.04.2010
End date14.04.2010
AddressDesenzano del Garda, Italy
Author(s)Marko Esche, Mustafa Karaman, Thomas Sikora
TitleSemi-Automatic Object Tracking in Video Sequences by Extension of the MRSST Algorithm
AbstractThe objective of this work is to investigate a new approach
for object segmentation in videos. While some amount of
user interaction is still necessary for most algorithms in this field, these can be reduced making use of certain properties of graph-based image segmentation algorithms. Based on one of these algorithms a framework is proposed, that tracks individual foreground objects through arbitrary video sequences and partly automates the necessary corrections required from the user. Experimental results suggest, that the proposed algorithm performs well on both low- and high-resolution video sequences and can even cope with motion blur.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, Object-Tracking, Image Segmentation, MRSST