Conference/ProceedingsHands-on Image Processing 2010 (HOIP10). Security, Surveillance and Identification in Everyday Life
Start date16.11.2010
End date17.11.2010
AddressTECNALIA. Technology Park building 202; 48170 Zamudio (Bizkaia)
Author(s)Michael Pätzold, Rubén Heras Evangelio, Thomas Sikora
TitleCounting People in Crowded Environments: An Overview
AbstractCounting the number of persons in a crowded scene is of big interest in many applications. Most of the proposed approaches in the literature tackle the task of counting people in an indirect, statistical way. Recently, we presented a direct, counting-by-detection method based on fusing shape information obtained from an adapted Histogram of Oriented Gradients algorithm (HOG) with temporal information. The use of temporal information reduces false positives by considering the characteristics of motion of different human body parts. A subsequent tracking and coherent motion detection of the human hypotheses enhance the performance of this system additionally. The performance obtained by this system is comparable to state-of-the-art systems while allowing not only counting people but also providing valuable information for a tracking approach. In this paper we present an overview of relevant state-of-the-art methods for counting people in crowded environments, paying special attention to the method proposed by our group and showing results based on standard video sequences.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, multimedia application, video surveillance crowd counting