Lecturer(s)Andreas Krutz and Alexander Glantz and Michael Frater and Thomas Sikora
SubjectRate-Distortion Optimized Video Coding using Automatic Sprites
Conference/EventIEEE-Thematic Meetings on Signal Processing (IEEE-THEMES): Emerging Technologies for Video Compression
AddressBrussels, Belgium
AbstractObject-based video coding has been of interest for many years. Recent work by the authors has shown that a video coding system using background Sprites with automatic segmentation and background subtraction can indeed perform better than the H.264/AVC coder. In this paper, we extend this work by developing a rate-distortion optimization approach for an object-based coder. A key issue addressed by this approach is the joint choice of quantization parameters for the foreground and background. The performance of the resulting rate-distortion optimized coder is far superior to that of H.264/AVC for source material with dominant global motion, across a range of bit rates.
Key wordsvideo coding, sprite generation, rate-distortion optimization