Conference/ProceedingsProceedings of the 29th IEEE Picture Coding Symposium (PCS 2012)
Start date07.05.2012
End date09.05.2012
AddressKraków, Poland
Author(s)Andreas Krutz, Alexander Glantz, Michael Tok, Thomas Sikora
TitleAdaptive Global Motion Temporal Filtering
AbstractThe emerging standardization on high efficiency video coding (HEVC) has brought a huge improvement in terms of coding performance comparing to existing standards and approaches. One tool that provides a significant portion of the coding gain so far is loop filtering. In H.264/AVC, a deblocking filter has been used to reduce blocking artifacts. HEVC added loop filter approaches to this deblocking method that further reduce noise in the decoded video frame. All these techniques work spatially. Besides that, work has been done to further improve the quality of decoded frames by applying a temporal filtering approach. In this work, we propose adaptive global motion temporal filtering (AGMTF) that reduces noise along temporal trajectories. Experimental results show that the coding performance of the current HEVC test model HM 4.0 can be improved by up to 8.8% and 3.7% in average over a large bit rate range using this technique.
Key wordscompression, Coding
NoteISBN: 978-1-4577-2048-2