Lecturer(s)Pascal Kelm
SubjectWhere in the World?: The State of Automatic Geotagging of Video
Conference/EventDGA workshop
Address32 bd Victor, Paris 15`eme
OrganisationÉcole nationale supérieure des techniques avancées (ENSTA)
AbstractGeographic metadata provides essential support for
and organizing the rapidly growing video content captured
by users and shared online. Videos present a special opportunity for geo-location prediction because they combine
multiple information sources, i.e., not only textual metadata
but also visual and audio content.
Key wordsmultimedia applications, Geotagging Videos MediaEval Placing Task
NoteThe DGA workshop on multimedia information processing aims at presenting the technological state of the art together with the organization underlying progress in the domain. It also aims at fostering exchanges between government, industry
and academic personnel interested in the domain.