Conference/ProceedingsWorking Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2012 Workshop
Start date04.10.2012
End date05.10.2012
AddressSanta Croce in Fossabanda Piazza Santa Croce, 5 - 56125 - Pisa - Toscana - Italia
EditorMartha A. Larson, Sebastian Schmiedeke, Pascal Kelm, Adam Rae, Vasileios Mezaris, Tomas Piatrik, Mohammad Soleymani, Florian Metze, Gareth J.F. Jones
Author(s)Sebastian Schmiedeke, Christoph Kofler, Isabelle Ferrane
TitleOverview of the MediaEval 2012 Tagging Task
AbstractThe MediaEval 2012 Tagging Task is a follow-up task of the MediaEval 2011 Genre Tagging Task and the MediaEval 2010 Wild Wild Web Tagging Task to test and evaluate retrieval techniques for video content as it occurs on the Internet, i.e., for semi-professional user generated content that is associated with annotations existing on the social Web. The task uses the MediaEval 2012 Tagging Task (ME12TT) dataset, an extension of the original MediaEval 2010 Wild Wild Web Tagging Task dataset used in previous tasks. In this task overview paper, we describe the principal characteristics of the data set, the task itself, and the evaluation metrics used to test the participants┬┤ results.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, multimedia application, automatic labeling, benchmark, performance
NoteISSN 1613-0073