Conference/ProceedingsInternational Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP)
Start date21.02.2013
End date24.02.2013
Author(s)Thilo Borgmann, Thomas Sikora
TitleImage Guided Cost Aggregation for Hierarchical Depth Map Fusion
AbstractEstimating depth from a video sequence is still a challenging task in computer vision with numerous applica- tions. Like other authors we utilize two major concepts developed in this field to achieve that task which are the hierarchical estimation of depth within an image pyramid as well as the fusion of depth maps from different views. We compare the application of various local matching methods within such a combined approach and can show the relative performance of local image guided methods in contrast to commonly used fixed–window aggregation. Since efficient implementations of these image guided methods exist and the available hardware is rapidly enhanced, the disadvantage of their more complex but also parallel computation vanishes and they will become feasible for more applications.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, Multi View Stereo, Stereo Matching, Depth Estimation, Depth Map Fusion