Conference/ProceedingsHCI International 2014
Start date22.06.2014
End date27.06.2014
AddressHeraklion, Crete, Greece
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Author(s)Richard Adderley, Atta Badii, Ruben Heras Evangelio, Matteo Raffaelli, Patrick Seidler, Marco Tiemann
TitleMOSAIC: A Multi-modal Surveillance System to Enhance Situation Awareness and Decision Making
AbstractWith increasing complexity of systems under surveillance, demand grows for automated video-based surveillance systems which are able to support end users in making sense of situational context from the amount of available data and incoming data streams. Traditionally, those systems have been developed based on techniques derived from the fields of image processing and pattern recognition. This paper presents MOSAIC (Multi-Modal Situation Assessment and Analytics Platform), a system which aims at exploiting multi-modal data analysis comprising advanced tools for video analytics, text mining, social network analysis, and decision support in order to provide from a richer context an understanding of behaviour of the system under surveillance and to support police personnel in decision making processes.
Key wordsmultimedia application, multi-modal data mining, social and criminal network analysis, video analytics, semantic interoperability, decision support system
NotePrint ISBN 978-3-319-07856-4
Online ISBN 978-3-319-07857-1