Author(s)Pascal Kelm, Sebastian Schmiedeke, Steven Schockaert, Thomas Sikora, Michele Trevisiol, Olivier Van Laere
EditorJaeyoung Choi, Gerald Friedland
TitleGeoreferencing Flickr resources based on multimodal features
Book titleMultimodal Location Estimation of Videos and Images
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
AbstractThe popularity of social media, and location based services in particular, has led to a vast increase in the number of georeferenced resources on the web. Examples are the large numbers of Flickr photos, Twitter posts (tweets), and Wikipedia articles for which explicit geographic coordinates are currently available. This trend has also led to an upsurge in research into methods for automatically assigning coordinates to web content. Being able to associate coordinates to web content is important in applications such as geographic information retrieval, where search results are adapted to the location of the user, and in applications which rely on characterizing places, e.g., for offering personalized travel recommendations.
Key wordsmultimedia analysis, geotagging, multimodal, spatial segmentation