Conference/ProceedingsInternational Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications, SIGMAP
Start date28.08.2014
End date30.08.2014
AddressVienna, Austria
PublisherSCITEPRESS Digital Library
Author(s)Atta Badii, Marco Tiemann, Richard Adderley, Patrick Seidler, Ruben Heras Evangelio, Tobias Senst, Thomas Sikora, Luca Panattoni, Matteo Raffaelli, Matthew Cappel-Porter, Zsolt L. Husz, Thomas Hecker, Ines Peters
TitleMOSAIC - Multimodal Analytics for the Protection of Critical Assets
AbstractThis paper presents an overview of the MOSAIC architecture and the validated Demonstrator resulting from an EU-co-funded research project concerned with the development of an advanced system for the use and integration of multimodal analytics for the protection of critical assets. The paper motivates the MOSAIC vision and describes the major components of the integrated solution; including the ontological framework, the data representation, text mining, data mining, video analytics, social network analysis and decision support. In the descriptions of these components, it is illustrated how MOSAIC can be used to improve the protection of critical assets without necessitating data gathering that goes beyond what is already currently being gathered by relevant security organisations such as police forces by improving data analytics techniques, integration of analysis outputs and decision support mechanisms.
Key wordsmultimedia application, Multimodal Analytics, Decision Support, Video Analytics, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis, Security, Critical Assets, Critical Infrastructure, UI-REF