Conference/ProceedingsProceedings of the MediaEval 2013 Multimedia Benchmark Workshop
Start date18.10.2013
End date19.10.2013
AddressBarcelona, Spain
Author(s)Volker Eiselein and Tobias Senst and Ivo Keller and Thomas Sikora
TitleTUB @ MediaEval 2013 Visual Privacy Task: Using Adaptive Edge Detection for Privacy in Surveillance Videos
Abstractn this paper we present a system for preserving the privacy
of individuals in a video surveillance scenario. While a person’s privacy should not be revealed to a viewer of the video without special needs, it is still important that the action in a scene as the semantic content of a video remain perceivable by a human observer. The proposed system uses edge detection and adaptive thresholding in order to estimate the persons’ silhouettes in a video scene and thus rendering most of their actions visible, while hiding sensitive personal information. In order to obtain a more complete contour around a person, an adaptive thresholding scheme using edge histograms is used as well as background subtraction which limits the edge extraction to foreground masks and thus avoids distraction of the viewer’s eyes to background structures.
Key wordsPrivacy preservation, video analysis, obfuscation, adaptive edge detection