Conference/ProceedingsIEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2017
Start date05.03.2017
End date09.03.2017
AddressNew Orleans, LA, USA
Author(s)Ruben Verhack, Simon Van de Keer, Glenn Van Wallendael, Peter Lambert, Thomas Sikora
TitleColor prediction in image coding using Steered Mixture-of-Experts
AbstractWe propose a novel approach for modeling and coding color in images and video. Luminance is linearly correlated with chrominance locally, as such we can predict color given the luma value. Using the Steered Mixture-of-Experts (SMoE) approach, the image is viewed as a stochastic process over 5 random variables including the 2-D pixel locations, 1 luminance and 2 chrominance values. We model this process as a continuous joint density function by fitting a K-modal 5-D Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). As such, the chroma values are predicted as the expectation of the conditional density. To validate, the technique was integrated within JPEG showing PSNR gains in the lower bitrate regions. A deeper analysis of the tolerance of the activation function is given through recycling color models in video sequences, yielding a high quality reconstruction over a considerable range of frames.
Key wordscompression, Image color analysis, Transform coding, Image coding, Image reconstruction, Bit rate
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