Conference/ProceedingsInternational Conference for Interactive Digital Storytelling
Start date05.12.2018
End date08.12.2018
AddressDublin, Ireland
Author(s)Declan Dowling , Colm O Fearghail , Aljosa Smolic, Sebastian Knorr
TitleFaoladh : A Case Study in Cinematic VR Storytelling and Production
AbstractPortraying traditional cinematic narratives in virtual reality(VR) is an emerging practice where often the methods normally associ-ated with cinematic storytelling need to be adapted to the 360‚ó¶format.In this paper we investigates some proposed cinematic practices for nar-rative storytelling in a cinematic VR film set in late 9th century Irelandthat follows the perilous journey young Celt as he evades being capturedby Viking raiders. From this we will analyze the fidelity of those practiceswith results collected from YouTube Analytics.
Key wordsmultimedia application, 360-video, virtual reality, storytelling, cinematography, YouTubeAnalytics