Conference/ProceedingsVisual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), IS&T/SPIE's Electronic Imaging 2006
Start date15.01.2006
End date19.01.2006
AddressSan Jose, CA, USA
Author(s)Mustafa Karaman, Lutz Goldmann, Thomas Sikora
TitleA New Segmentation Approach Using Gaussian Color Model and Temporal Information
AbstractA new segmentation approach usable for fixed or motion compensated camera is described. Instead of the often used RGB color space we operate with the invariant Gaussian color model proposed by Geusebroek and temporal information which eliminates unsteady regions surrounded by the moving objects. The Gaussian color model has never been used in video segmentation. Comparison with some state of the art methods in which both subjective and objective evaluation are applied proof the good performance of the proposed method.
Key wordsstatic background segmentation, Gaussian color model, motion detection, temporal differencing