Conference/ProceedingsIEEE Fifth Int. Conf. on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS '05)
Start date06.12.2005
End date09.12.2005
Address Bangkok, Thailand
Author(s)Matthias Kunter, Jang-Heon Kim, Thomas Sikora
TitleSuper-resolution Mosaicing using Embedded Hybrid Recursive Flow-based Segmentation
AbstractWe present a new strategy for the generation of
background super-resolution mosaics from videos with arbitrary camera pan, tilt, and zoom including freely moving foreground.
Our main focus is directed to the automatic, embedded Presegmentation of foreground objects. The segmentation technique is based on efficient and robust computation of the optical flow between neighboring frames in a video scene using a hybrid recursive approach, i.e. a combination of block-flow methods and spatial-temporal anisotropic diffusion-based flow field
regularization. Unlike in other related publications we are able to
segment moving foreground objects before the actual image-tomosaic-
registration is proceeded even if the foreground objects
do not move relatively to the camera motion. Thus, every
segmented background frame can be used to enhance the
resolution of the composed mosaic due to an effective blending
process. Additionally, the appearance of disturbing ghost objects
is prevented.
Key wordssuper-resolution mosaicing, segmentation, hybrid recursive flow, diffusion PDE