Conference/ProceedingsInternational Workshop VLBV05
Start date15.09.2005
End date16.09.2005
AddressCosta Rei, Sardinia, Italy
Author(s)Sila Ekmekci, Thomas Sikora, P. Frossard
TitleCoding with Temporal Layers or Multiple Descriptions for Lossy Video Transmission
AbstractIn this paper, we compare temporal layered coding (TLC),
as well as single-state coding (SSC), to multi-state video
coding (MSVC) in the context of lossy video communica-
tions. MSVC is a MDC scheme where the video is coded
into multiple independently decodable streams each with its
own prediction process and state. The performance of these
three coding schemes are analyzed at diĀ®erent loss rates
and coding options, under the assumption that each packet
contains the complete coded data for a frame, and the to-
tal bit rate is kept constant. To substitute the lost frames,
MSVC employs state recovery based on motion compen-
sated frame interpolation, whereas SSC and TLC repeat
the last received frame. Results show that MSVC outper-
forms SSC and TLC for high motion sequences, and also
for low motion sequences at high loss probabilities, due
to increased state recovery ability of the system. Addi-
tionally, if one of the parallel channels of MSVC is in bad
condition, unbalanced MSVC that allocates less bit rate to
this channel, becomes favorable. Finally, increased error
resilience with intra-GOB or frame update improves the
system performance for high motion sequences at high loss
rates, whereas for low motion sequences, intra updates are
disadvantageous due to the penalty on the source coding
NoteSila Ekmekci, P. Frossard: EPFL Lausanne