Conference/ProceedingsISCA 9th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, Interspeech 2005-Eurospeech
Start date04.09.2005
End date08.09.2005
AddressLisbon, Portugal
Author(s)Nicolas Moreau, Shan Jin, Thomas Sikora
TitleComparison of Different Phone-based Spoken Document Retrieval Methods with Text and Spoken Queries
AbstractThis study compares four phone-based spoken document retrieval (SDR) approaches. In all cases, the indexing and retrieval system uses phonetic information only. The first retrieval method is based on the vector space model, using phone 3-grams as indexing terms. This approach is compared with 2 string-matching methods. A fourth method, combining the VSM approach with the slot detection step of tringmatching techniques is proposed. This method is tested on a collection of short German spoken documents, using three different sets of queries: text queries, clean spoken queries and noisy spoken queries.