Conference/ProceedingsPicture Coding Symposium
Start dateDecember 2004
AddressSan Francisco, CA, USA
Author(s)Karsten A. M. G√ľnther, Carsten Clemens, Thomas Sikora
TitleA Fast Displacement-Estimation Based Approach For Stereoscopic Error Concealment
AbstractIn image and video processing error concealment is an important field of research. Video applications like teleconferencing or digital video broadcasting (DVB) require fast and robust signal processing algorithms to fulfil real-time conditions. Therefore many fast concealment methods were developed to handle block losses in monocular sequences. In this paper we present a fast concealment strategy for block losses in stereoscopic sequences. Pixel values from the associate stereo image are used to conceal the lost block at the corresponding position. In this approach, we focus on robustness and low complexity.