Conference/ProceedingsEuropean Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technology (EWIMT´04), Proceedings, London
Start dateNovember 2004
Author(s)L. Onural, Thomas Sikora, Aljoscha Smolic
Title"An Overview of a New European Consortium: Integrated Three-Dimensional Television - Capture, Transmission and Display (3DTV)"
AbstractA new European consortium is formed as a Network of excellence to integrate the research works of 19 institutions in the field of 3DTV. The consortium is funded by EC under the FP6 thematic area Information Society Technologies within the strategic objective Cross-media Content for Leisure and Entertainment. The project will last 48 months, but the collaboration among the partners is expected to be longer. The technical focus of the consortium is 3DTV with all its aspects except audio. Various techniques of 3D scene capture will be investigated and compared. Representation of captured 3D content in abstract form using mainly computer graphics approaches is the key feature which decouples user from the input.. Compression of 3D scene information, and forming the bitstream structure for effective streaming are parts of the project. The user may interact with the captured scene and get a visual display based on the choice of display technology. A rich variety of different display techniques, including stereoscopy and holographic displays are among the main
focus of the consortium. The plan covers various integration and dissemination activities.