Conference/Proceedings2nd International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization, and Transmission (3DPVT'04)
Start date06.09.2004
End date09.09.2004
AddressThessaloniki, Greece
Author(s)Sebastian Knorr, Carsten Clemens, Matthias Kunter, Thomas Sikora
TitleRobust Concealment for Erroneous Block Bursts in Stereoscopic Images
AbstractWith the increasing number of image communication applications especially in the low complexity domain, error
concealment has become a very important field of research.Since many compression standards for images and videos are block-based a lot of methods were applied to conceal block losses in monocular images. The fast progress of capture, representation and display technologies for 3D image data advances the efforts on 3D concealment strategies. Because of their psycho-visual characteristics, stereoscopic images have to fulfill a very high quality demand. We propose an algorithm that makes use of the redundancies between two views of a stereo image pair. In many cases erroneous block bursts occur and can be highly disturbing, thus we will mainly concentrate on these errors. In addition, we focused on the quality assessment of several error concealment strategies. Beside the objective evaluation measures, we carried out a subjective quality test following the DSCQS methodology as proposed by MPEG. The results of this test demonstrate the efficiency of our approach.