Conference/Proceedings25th International AES Conference Metadata for Audio
Start date17.06.2004
End date19.06.2004
AddressLondon, UK
Author(s)Hyoung-Gook Kim, Juan José Burred, Thomas Sikora
TitleHow efficient is MPEG-7 for General Sound Recognition?
AbstractOur challenge is to analyze/classify video sound track content for indexing purposes. To this end we compare the performance of MPEG-7 Audio Spectrum Projection (ASP) features based on several basis decomposition algorithms vs. Mel-scale Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCC). For basis decomposition in the feature extraction we evaluate three approaches: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), and Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF). Audio features are computed from these reduced vectors and are fed into a continuous hidden Markov model (CHMM) classifier. Our conclusion is that established MFCC features yield better performance compared to MPEG-7 ASP in the general sound recognition under practical constraints.