Conference/ProceedingsIEEE ICASSP 2004
Start dateMay 2004
AddressMontreal, Canada
Author(s)T. Moriya, D. Yang, Tilman Liebchen
TitleExtended Linear Prediction Tools for Lossless Audio Coding
AbstractTwo extension tools for enhancing the compression performance of prediction-based lossless audio coding are proposed. One is progressive-order prediction of the starting samples at the random access points, where the information of previous samples is not available. The first sample is coded as is, the second is predicted by first-order prediction, the third is predicted by second-order prediction, and so on. This can be efficiently carried out with PARCOR (PARtial autoCORrelation) coefficients. The second tool is inter-channel joint coding. Both predictive coefficients and prediction error signals are efficiently coded by inter-channel differential or three-tap adaptive prediction. These new prediction tools lead to a steady reduction in bit rate when random access is activated and the inter-channel correlation is strong.
NoteT. Moriya: NTT Cyber Space Labs; D. Yang: University of Southern California