Conference/Proceedings116th AES Convention
Start date08.05.2004
End date11.05.2004
AddressBerlin, Germany
Author(s)Jan-Mark Batke, Gunnar Eisenberg, Philipp Weishaupt, Thomas Sikora
TitleA Query by Humming system using MPEG-7 Descriptors
AbstractQuery by Humming (QBH) is a method for searching in a multimedia database system containing meta data descriptions of songs. The database can be searched by hummed queries, this means that a user can hum a melody into a microphone which is connected to the computer hosting the system. The QBH system searches the database for songs which are similar to the input query and presents the result to the user as a list of matching songs. This paper presents a modular QBH system using MPEG-7 descriptors in all processing stages. Due to the modular design all components can easily be substituted. The system is evaluated by changing parameters defined by the MPEG-7 descriptors.