Conference/Proceedings116th AES Convention
Start dateMay 2004
AddressBerlin, Germany
Author(s)Gunnar Eisenberg, Jan-Mark Batke, Thomas Sikora
TitleBeatBank - An MPEG-7 compliant Query by Tapping System
AbstractA Query by Tapping System is a multi-media database containing rhythmic metadata descriptions of songs. This paper presents a Query by Tapping system called BeatBank. The system allows to formulate queries by tapping the melody line’s rhythm of a song requested on a MIDI keyboard or an e-drum. The query entered is converted into an MPEG-7 compliant representation. The actual search process takes only rhythmic aspects of the melodies into account by comparing the values of the MPEG-7 Beat Description Scheme. An efficiently computable similarity measure is presented which enables the comparison of two database entries. This system works in real-time and computes the search process online. It computes and presents a new search result list after every tap made by the user.