Conference/ProceedingsProceedings International Cost 254 Workshop on Intelligent Communication Technologies and Applications
Start date2000
AddressNeuch√Ętel, Schweiz
Author(s)Peter Noll
TitleSpeech and Audio Coding for Multimedia Communications
AbstractWe have seen rapid progress in high-quality compression of telephon speech and wideband speech signals. Linear prediction, subband coding, transform coding, as well as various forms of vector quantization and entropy coding techniques have been used to design efficient coding algorithms which cann achieve substantially more compression than was thought possible only a few years ago. In the case of audio coding with its of 20 kHz and more, the concept of preceptual coding has paved the way for significant bit rate reductions. The paper will explain basic approaches to such compressions, with concentration on existing and upcoming international standards. As typical signal classes we shall consider telephone speech, wideband speech, and wideband audio signals all of which differin listener expcctation of offered quality. The main motivations for low bit rate coding are outlined as well as basic and network related requirements. It will become obvious that speech and Audio coders must be both source-specific and hearing-specific to perform adequately at low bit rates
Key wordsaudio coding, speech coding, MPEG, noisy channels