Conference/ProceedingsIEEE 7th International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME 2006)
Start date09.07.2006
End date12.07.2006
AddressToronto, ON, Canada
Author(s)Martin Haller, Hyoung-Gook Kim, Thomas Sikora
TitleAudiovisual Anchorperson Detection for Topic-oriented Navigation in Broadcast News
AbstractThis paper presents a content-based audiovisual video analysis technique for anchorperson detection in broadcast news. For topic-oriented navigation in newscasts, a segmentation of the topic boundaries is needed. As the anchorperson gives a strong indication for such boundaries, the presented technique automatically determines that high-level information for video indexing from MPEG-2 videos and stores the results in an MPEG-7 conform format. The multimodal analysis process is carried out separately in the auditory and visual modality, and the decision fusion forms the final anchorperson segments.
Key wordsface detection, audio classification, audio segmentation, MPEG-2, MPEG-7, anchorperson