Conference/Proceedings7th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimadia Interactive Services (WIAMIS 2006)
Start date19.04.2006
End date21.04.2006
AddressIncheon, Korea
Author(s)Lutz Goldmann, Mustafa Karaman, J. T. Saez Minquez, Thomas Sikora
TitleAppearance-Based Person Recognition for Surveillance Applications
AbstractThis paper presents an original system for recognizing persons based on their appearance. Thus, it is especially suitable to surveillance scenarios, where biometric information might not be available. Different visual low level features in combination with different supervised learning methods are examined in order to built a robust system. Furthermore, complementary features are fused using postmapping fusion concepts to improve the reliability. The experiments show that the system is able to distinguish a large number of people and can be used for different applications.
Key wordsPerson modeling, visual person recognition, object detection