PhD thesis

AuthorDipl.-Ing. Andreas Krutz
TitleFrom Sprites to Global Motion Temporal Filtering
TutorDr.-Ing. Thomas Sikora
AbstractThe motivation of this thesis is to build a bridge between the Sprite coding and the hybrid video coding approach to combine both advantages and minimize disadvantages. It starts with the classical Sprite coding technique. Then, the Sprite-based representation will be integrated on a coding environment using the latest standardized video codec, H.264/AVC. Finally, a filter design will be introduced using techniques inside the Sprite generation, which has a great potential to be used not only in coding environments but also as post-processing for video enhancement or as pre-processing for further video analysis techniques.
Key wordscompression, multimedia analysis, global motion estimation, sprite generation, sprites, video object segmentation, sprite coding, video content analysis, video coding, global motion temporal filtering
NoteNr. 26