PhD thesis

AuthorDipl.-Ing. Andreas Krutz
TitleFrom Sprites to Global Motion Temporal Filtering
TutorDr.-Ing. Thomas Sikora
AbstractThe motivation of this thesis is to build a bridge between the Sprite coding and the hybrid video coding approach to combine both advantages and minimize disadvantages. It starts with the classical Sprite coding technique. Then, the Sprite-based representation will be integrated on a coding environment using the latest standardized video codec, H.264/AVC. Finally, a filter design will be introduced using techniques inside the Sprite generation, which has a great potential to be used not only in coding environments but also as post-processing for video enhancement or as pre-processing for further video analysis techniques.
Key wordsglobal motion estimation, sprite generation, sprites, video object segmentation, sprite coding, video content analysis, video coding, global motion temporal filtering
NoteNr. 26