Conference/ProceedingsElectronic Imaging
Start date28.01.2007
End date03.02.2007
AddressSan Jose, California USA
OrganisationIS&T / SPIE
Author(s)Rüdiger Knörig, Thomas Sikora
TitleMDC image coding using Cascaded Correlating Transforms
AbstractThis paper describes a joint source-channel coding framework combining cascaded correlating transforms as
proposed by Goyal with an optimal estimation algorithm in the MSE sense. The cascaded correlating
transform, an extension of the well-known pairwise correlating transform to transforms of higher order, can be seen as a detunable decorrelating transform. By reducing the transforms ability to decorrelate, a higher amount of source correlation ”survives” in the signal. This increased redundancy will be used for concealing channel errors.
Since the detuning can be performed stepless an arbitrary amount of redundancy can be selected, allowing
fine-tuned trade-offs between coding effciency and robustness to channel errors. This is an advantage over the
classic approach by combining source- and channel coders since even shortened convolution coders offer only a
discrete and therefore not stepless set of coding rates. Moreover, our approach affects only the transform and
the inverse transform stages and will be transparent to other stages of the coding system (e.g. quantization or
entropy coding).
Key wordsMDC, MDCT, multiple description coding, error concealment